Your Parish Council

Parish or Town Councils are an important tier of Government within the UK; a Parish/Town Council is the smallest and most localised tier of local government in the UK and is a properly constituted local authority.

The powers and duties for Parish Councils are laid out in local Government statute. Parish Councils are elected and can help on a number of local issues.

The Parish Council raises funds by a precept which is added to the Council Tax bill and collected by Derbyshire Dales District Council. Parish Councils can also raise funds through grants from other organisations.

Matlock Bath Parish Council has seven Councillors serving for a four year term of office. We currently have a full complement of Councillors.  Matlock Bath Parish Council has a Chair and a Vice Chair elected by the Councillors from within their number. Council normally meets bi-monthly. Details of which can be found under the Calendar section of the website. Matlock Bath Parish Council currently has 6 Committees – Activities, Communications, Facilities, Finance & General Purposes, Planning and Environment and Conservation Committee. The Climate Advisory Group is now part of the Environment and Conservation Committee. The Council has a set of Standing Orders by which it operates, a copy of which can be found under Policies.

The primary contact point for the Parish Council is through the Clerk to Matlock Bath Parish Council. The Clerk can be contacted in writing, by e-mail or by completing the contact form on the Contacts Page or telephone. Please note that the Clerk works part time.

Clerk to Matlock Bath Parish Council: Julie Baranek –, telephone 07914 420545