Welcome Back Fund

Following the Re-opening Up of the High Street Fund, a further round of Funding called Welcome Back Fund was made available to the Parish Council.

We received over £6,000 which allowed us to supply and fit a number of benches in Derwent Gardens and at Artists Corner, leaflet boxes containing a map of the village as well as bags and tabards for volunteers. These volunteers, mainly from Holy Trinity Church, walked round the village during 2021 on hand to answer any queries visitors had. We have received good feedback from this and will continue in 2022.

Funding also covered any extra administrative costs so again there was no cost to the Parish Council.

Early in 2022, we were notified that there was still funding available for Welcome Back so the Parish Council applied again and were awarded further monies. This time we purchased bulbs, shrubs and plants to place round the village. These are currently been planted.

We have also designed and produced some postcards showcasing a few entries in our Photography Competition. These will be placed in hotel accommodation/B & Bs for guests to write and send to family and friends. A free stamp will also be available if they take their card to one of the businesses in the village participating in the scheme. We are currently waiting for the cards to be printed and these will hopefully be available from Easter.