Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Quite a few villagers think it would be lovely to have a street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! And, because a lot of our steep streets just aren’t suitable, perhaps the best idea would be to hold a party for the whole village to enjoy together. We’ve done it before!

We don’t have a venue yet but we’ve got several irons in the fire. A lot of it will depend on local goodwill – and your help!

Wherever we hold it, the concept is to keep it in the spirit of a neighbourly, family friendly, afternoon-into-the-evening street party, with volunteers each co-ordinating a group of 5-6 neighbours to arrange bring-and-share food and drinks (and possibly paste tables and garden chairs!), while others help to arrange things for everyone, such as the overall table layout, toilets, a bar, music systems, or barbecue.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you!

We need ideas, inspirations, area co-ordinators, musicians, face painters, drivers happy to help less mobile or isolated villagers to join in, sponsors (decorations? bunting? souvenirs? hog roasts? portaloos?), and even just an indication of how many might want to come!

For all of the above, please email Victor Launert at bathjubilee@outlook.com. Please also let him know whether you would like to be on a newsletter emailing list for updates.