Market Towns Liaison

This group was borne out of a Peer Project hosted by Derbyshire Dales District Council.  It was recognised that a lot of issues that individual Town and Parish Councils raise with authorities are common.  This Liaison Group consists of Ashbourne Town Council, Wirksworth Town Council, Matlock Town Council, Bakewell Town Council and Matlock Bath Parish Council. 

At its first meeting last year it was agreed that a more concerted proactive approach would be beneficial to all those involved when dealing with DDDC and DCC.  Although it is recognised that sometimes the consensus of one Town Council may not apply to another.  This was evident in the issue of car parking charges.  Some Town Councils felt that DDDC should reduce the car parking charges in order to attract visitors to the area especially during and after Covid restrictions.  However, for Matlock Bath Parish Council, we do not feel there is an issue with the car parks as there has been a good turn-over of vehicles and no further need to attract visitors by reducing parking charges.  Unfortunately DDDC would not agree to certain car park charges being reduced as they have to apply the same rules for each car park in the Derbyshire Dales which they own.

Further details discussed at these meeting will be posted in due course.