Illuminations Working Group

The Illuminations Liaison Group was set up in 2019 to look at arrangements for the Illuminations season.  The Group consists of interested parties such as traders, the boatbuilders, the Parish Council,  Derbyshire Dales District Councillors and Derbyshire Dales District Council Officers.

The Group discusses everything from pricing of the event to the fireworks, entertainment and any additional lighting.  The Working Group meetings will resume in May 2021 to plan for this year’s event. 

A meeting is also arranged following the illuminations season for residents, businesses and interested parties to attend.  Derbyshire Dales District Council Officers put together figures on income, expenditure and a look at how the event can progress the following year.

 If you have any comments to make about the illuminations which can be fed back to these meetings, please e-mail the Clerk –