External Funding

Matlock Bath Parish Council has been extremely lucky over the years to receive external funding which has enabled them to complete a number of projects.

An application to Peak LEADER in 2016 resulted in us being able to purchase winter lighting along the Parades.  In addition, we received further funding for two fingerposts and four information lecterns which will hopefully make it easier for visitors to find various points of interest in the village.  More information relating to the winter lighting can be found under Our Village.

In 2020, we received notification that we had been awarded around £10,000 from the Government, via Derbyshire Dales District Council, to enable us to put in place measures for re-opening up of the high street.  After many discussions and in order to adhere to the strict restrictions for the funding, Councillors drew out a plan to remind visitors that when visiting the village they should remember that the virus has not gone.  Posters, lamppost wraps together with stencil drawings on the pavement will be constant reminders that the public should wash their hands, cover their faces and socially distance whilst in our beautiful village in order to keep everyone, including our residents, safe.  These are currently being installed and will be in operation prior to Easter.