Closer Working Group

Closer Working Group meetings are meetings held between Derbyshire Dales District Council and Matlock Bath Parish Council.  Although these meetings were originally designed for Town Councils, DDDC invited Matlock Bath Parish Council to attend since we are a busy village.  The meetings are designed to raise issues or concerns direct with Officers at DDDC. 

The meetings are held every 3 months.  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all face-to-face meetings are suspended but virtual meetings are being held. 

Updates on what has been discussed at these meetings will be posted here.  At our last meeting in March 2021 we raised:

*Litter on the bank from Temple Road Car Park left by the travellers.  Although a health and safety risk for staff, it will be cleared.

*Recycling – we have asked that litter is recycled in the village as we have so many take away businesses.  The contract for the Clean and Green Team is due for renewal so this will be added to the contract.  Other Parish and Town Councils have also raised this issue.

*Extra litter bins – Currently DDDC staff do not have the capacity to empty more bins in the village.  However, DDDC has recently received funding for additional bin emptiers for the summer.  DDDC will look into how we can move forward.

*Payback Team – Matlock Bath has been promised the payback team to help clear and tidy up Memorial Gardens and Derwent Gardens.  This should be up and running shortly.

*Lovers Walk Erosion – DDDC has contacted the Environment Agency so ongoing.

*Car Parking Ticket Machines – DDDC is looking into introducing pay by mobile.

*Boy Racers – The Police have advised that DDDC needs to introduce a PSPO which would ban boy racing in their car parks.  DDDC do not have the resources to enforce it.

*Pavilion Car Park Lighting – The lighting was very poor in the car park; this has now been rectified.

*Bike Rack – The underused bike rack in Station Car Park has been relocated to Pavilion Car Park.

If any resident has a particular issue which they would like us to raise at our Closer Working Meetings, please contact the Clerk.

Our next meeting will be held in June.