Climate Emergency

Like many Parish and Town Councils, Matlock Bath Parish Council declared an emergency.  There are many groups in the area working on Climate Change etc and updates from them will be posted here.

CLIMB, a local group to Matlock Bath, provide updates for inclusion in “A View from the Bath” newsletter.  Further details regarding climate emergency will be posted here when available.

Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), as part of their Climate Emergency Support Programme, has launched a community scale carbon footprint tool – Impact.  The aim of the tool is to provide small communities data on the carbon emissions, allowing them to identify where they can make a significant dent in local emissions.  Currently the tool is focussed on Parish Council level.  Once you enter your Parish name, the tool will display the carbon footprint for your community.  For more information log on to or follow the link from

CSE have also published a number of useful advice leaflets.  They are free to download at