Climate Advisory

Climate Advisory Group

In May 2019 Matlock Bath Parish Council resolved to declare a climate emergency.  As a result the Climate Advisory Group was set up to advise the Parish Council on actions they need to take to make it carbon neutral at the earliest possible date, how the Parish Council can advise and encourage residents, businesses and visitors to be climate change aware and on the actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint, on effective and meaningful lobbying of local and national government on this important issue and how we can work with local, regional, national and international partners to achieve the ‘2030’ goal.

At its meeting on 23rd September, full Council adopted a policy outlining the actions Matlock Bath Parish Council will take on Climate and Nature Emergency.  This is a working document and can be added to as and when necessary.

Areas which the Group has been looking at are:

*Providing climate emergency information and energy saving advice leaflets produced by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for residents in the quarterly “A View from the Bath”.  All energy saving advice leaflets can be found at

*Joining the Community Energy England and/or Marches Energy Agency.  These organisations advise on the delivery of community renewables, energy efficiency, demand reduction and energy supply projects.  As one of these organisations require an annual fee, it was agreed not to join at the current time.  This will be reviewed.  MEA produce a newsletter which can be viewed at

*Sharing a short film produced by the RSA on the website.   You can view this short film at

*Booking a visit by MEA’s Fantastic Home Energy Efficiency Exhibition.  Unfortunately this is currently not possible due to Government restrictions.  

The Parish Council has also been looking into recycling litter bins throughout the village.  This is an issue which is being discussed at our Closer Working meetings.

The Group are looking at other issues which prominently come under the jurisdiction of Derbyshire Dales District Council and/or Derbyshire County Council.

Click below to see the Notes of the Climate Advisory Group.

You can check out what  the Committee is working on through the Notes below.

Updates on other group’s looking at Climate Change, ie CLIMB can be found under Climate Change.

Anyone interested in being part of the Committee should contact the Clerk.