The Parish Council provides seating in Matlock Bath. Our main benches are located on North Parade opposite Jubilee Bridge. These benches are made from recycled plastic and are very hardwearing.

Most of the benches have been sponsored by members of the public wishing to dedicate the bench to loved ones.

The Parish Council is also responsible for the three benches which are situated on Riverside.   Council agreed to have these benches renovated.  However, following the renovation, Councillors were disappointed to find that one of the benches had been damaged with an angle grinder and moved from its positioning.  The contractor who had spent his time and the Parish Council’s money renovating it tried to reposition the damaged bench in order to make it safe even though the benches had been taped off for safety purposes.  Unfortunately a day later the bench was subjected to more vandalism causing more damage.  The criminal damage was reported to the Police and is currently being investigated.  Updates will follow.

Damage to benches should be reported to the Clerk –