MB Summit Meetings

The Parish Council in Summer 2020 met with the Police Crime Commissioner to discuss various issues in the village.  These included parking enforcement, ‘boy’ racers in the car parks, pavement accessibility, noise and litter.  The Crime Commissioner wanted to bring together the three main authorities – Derbyshire Dales District Council, Derbyshire County Council and the Police to ensure that all the issues raised were looked into by the relevant authority for the Parish Council.  The Matlock Bath Summit Meeting was born.

We have now had three of the Summit meetings.

Parking Enforcement – Complaints of vehicles being parked on the pavement has been the main issue.  In addition, concern was expressed that the enforcers have been in the village early when there are no problems.  After discussions with DCC they agreed a new shift schedule which will include some early shifts but will also incorporate the late evenings when we still have visitors in the village.  During the summer schedule we will have two enforcers in the village who will patrol the village independently.  This is an ongoing issue which will be reviewed regularly.

‘Boy’ Racers – Many complaints regarding this have been received by the Police.  The Police will come out and deal with any issues but it was suggested by them that DDDC should introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in their car parks which prevents any racing.  DDDC is reluctant to introduce this as they are expensive and have to be enforced.  They cannot guarantee that an Enforcement Officer will be around when the problem is in the car parks.  DDDC is hoping to upgrade its CCTV system in Station Car Park which will hopefully help identify the culprits.  Again, an ongoing issue.

Pavement Accessibility – This is a problem which has been ongoing for a number of years.  It has been highlighted more since the pandemic started as pedestrians were not able to social distance.  Complaints from residents and visitors that they could not walk down the Parades because of the number and position of ‘A’ Boards, advertising material, tables and chairs etc were noted.  It was agreed that the Derbyshire Dales District Councillors, Derbyshire County Council and representatives from the Parish Council would meet to look into what we can do to achieve a safe way for pedestrians to walk down the Parades.  This is ongoing.

Noise – Complaints about the increase in noise from vehicles have been received.  As a result, investigations were made into the possibility of the village having a noise camera – similar to a speed camera.  Although a speed camera has been trialled, it has not been rolled out nationally.  We have indicated that we would like one when they are.

Litter – This still seems to be a problem and a request for extra bins has been made.  DDDC has said that it is not able to take on any further bins but will review this when the new contract goes out to tender.

Further updates from the meetings will be posted here.