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Parish Council News

23rd May 2020

A letter from the Chief Superintendent of Derbyshire Police has been received. A copy can be found below re Letter from Police.

A press release has been received from Sarah Dines MP for Derbyshire Dales. A copy can be found below dated 22 May 2020

22nd May 2020

The Parish Council has issued a statement to all residents outlining what actions they have taken to address the issues which have been experienced in the village over the past week or so regarding the return of visitors to the village. A copy of the statement is attached below.

We will still continue to lobby our local authorities and our MP for action to be taken but we also need residents help to also now report these issues to either the local authorities and/or the Police. Contact details for all of the organisations can be found on the statement. We will keep all residents updated with information received through social media, our website and our newsletter. If residents could keep us informed of what they are doing, that would be good as well.

A response to our letter has been received from DDDC and it can be found below.

DDDC has today, 21st May, released a statement for would be visitors who may be thinking of coming to the area this weekend.

The joint message has been signed, not only by Council Leaders across the county, including the Leader of the Derbyshire Dales District Council, Cllr Garry Purdy, but also by the Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer of Derbyshire, East Midlands Ambulance Trust and local NHS Foundation Trusts. The full statement can be viewed on DDDC's website -

VISITORS RETURNING TO MATLOCK BATH - Following a consultation with the village, a letter has been sent to DDDC, DCC and our MP, Sarah Dines.

Residents outlined their concerns with visitors returning to Matlock Bath, all of which were raised in the letter. A copy of the letter is attached at the bottom of this page along with the press release.

A response from Sarah Dines has been received and this is attached at the bottom as well. We await news from DDDC and DCC and their replies will also be posted on this website.

Sports Area - Councillors will be looking at the quotations received to date with a view to the work taking place as early as possible. For more information click on "sports area" on the home page.

NOTICE FROM DERBYSHIRE CLIMATE COALITION - A letter has been sent to Derbyshire County Council from the Derbyshire Climate Coalition on the coronavirus. A copy is attached.

LEADER GRANT - The fingerposts and lecterns which have been purchased through the LEADER grant will be installed as soon as practical. For more information click on "LEADER grant" on the home page.

PARISH COUNCIL COMPETITIONS - We are very much hoping that the Art Competition and the Photography Competition will go ahead as normal but this will depend on Government advice. If we are not able to hold them safely and according to national guidance, the Parish Council will look at alternative ways to do it. We would advise that everyone registers and sends in their photographs as normal.

SENIORS LUNCH - We are very much hoping that we will still be able to hold our Seniors Lunch but this will depend on Government advice. Residents will be kept informed of any decisions made.

NEWSLETTERS - We will still be producing our quarterly newsletter despite the pandemic. Provided the 'deliverers' are able to deliver safely and according to Government guidelines, then this will be delivered. If not, then the Newsletter will be produced and put on the website.

BENCHES - The Parish Council will be looking at further provision of benches in the village. More details will be published as and when they are known.

INTERNAL AUDIT ARRANGEMENTS - The Internal Audit has been completed and the AGAR will be signed off by full Council at its next meeting on 20th May. A copy of the documentation, including the Receipts and Expenditure for 2019/2020 will be on our website under 'Finance'.

FOOTPATHS - The Parish Council has signed up again to DCC's Foothpaths Minor Maintenance Scheme for which we get funding of £315 for us to clear footpaths in Matlock Bath. Along with this money we also budget for further work.

Next Parish Council Meeting

Due to the coronavirus outbreak all face-to-face meetings have been cancelled. A Virtual/remote meeting is provisionally arranged for Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 6.30 pm. If you would like to join this meeting, please contact the Clerk for the passcode.

All Welcome
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