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Pro-loco Art Competition 2019 now OPEN - Click Here to enter
Pro-loco Photography Competition 2019 Now OPEN - Click Here to enter

Pro-loco Photography Competition 2018 - Entries

At a presentation ceremony on 2nd November winners of this year's Pro Loco Photography Competition were announced. All of the shortlisted entries can be viewed below - please allow time for the photographs to load - it could take a few minutes. Thank you to all those who entered - it has been another successful year.

If you hover your mouse over the picture, this will display the name of the person submitting it.

Winners are:

1st Prize - Mike Swain (picture 51)

2nd Prize - Gary Gouws (picture 26)

3rd Prize - Sam Devonport (picture 75)

Best Villager - Peter Newberry (picture 64)

Parish Council Award - Rebecca Parker (picture 68)

Best Picture of Holy Trinity Church - Nick Lawlor (picture 57)

Best Picture of the Illuminations - Fatima Oliveira (picture 12)

Best Picture of Masson Mills - Peter Keeble (picture 62)

Best Picture of Heights of Abraham - Karen Newberry (picture 35)

Best Picture of The Boats (sponsored by Paul Henshall) - Darrin Bayliss White (picture 20)

Best Picture of the Heritage of Matlock Bath - Claire Hall (picture 14)

Best Picture of 'A Hidden Gem of Matlock Bath' - Jenny McCubbin (picture 32)

1st Prize - Young Photographer - Harry James (picture 27)

1st Prize - Young Photographer - Maisie Swain (picture 43)

We will put details about next year's competition on the website in the New Year. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate the contact the Clerk - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Catherine Cresswell
Alan Matkin 1a
Alan Matkin 2a
Alan Matkin 3a
Rob Hardy a
Will Tozer 1a
Adam Tingle 1
Adam Tingle 2
Andrew Basford 1
Andrew Basford 2
Caragh Eaton
Charlie Oliveria
Claire Hall 1
Claire Hall 2
Claire Hall 3
Dale Mellor
Danny Kaye
Dariusz Malachowski 1
Dariusz Malachowski 2
Darrin Bayliss-White
Elliot Ord
Emily Dineen 1
Emily Dineen 2
Evie Goring
Gary Gouws 1
Gary Gouws 2
Harry James 1
Harry James 2
Jade Williamson
James Hart 1
James Hart 2
Jenny McCubbin 1
Jenny McCubbin 2
Kadie Mae Hastings
Karen Newberry 1
Karen Newberry 2
Karen Newberry 3
Lexy Streckler
Lindsey Parker 1
Lindsey Parker 2
Maisie Swain 1
Maisie Swain 2
Maisie Swain 3
Maisie Swain 4
Malcolm Hall
Malcolm Walters
Marie Grainger
Mick Moate
Mike Swain 1
Mike Swain 2
Mike Swain 3
Mitchell Hill 1
Mitchell Hill 2
Naomi Hart
Neal Hunt
Nick Lawlor 1
Nick Lawlor 2
Nick Lawlor 3
Olivia Cope 1
Paul Henshall
Pauline Chicart
Peter Keeble 1
Peter Keeble 2
Peter Newberry
Rachel Webster
Rebecca Hinkley
Rebecca Parker 1.jpg
Rebecca Parker 2.jpeg
Richard Mason 1
Richard Mason 2
Richard Mason 3
Ruth Houghton
Sam Devonport 1
Sam Devonport 2
Sam Devonport 3
Seren Roden 1
Seren Roden 2
Steve Watson 1
Steve Watson 2
Stuart Coltman
Tyler Devine-Scott 1
Tyler Devine-Scott 2
Vince Sellars 1
Vince Sellars 2
Will Tozer 2
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Wednesday 10th July 2019 - 7.00 pm

at The New Bath Hotel
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