Community Speed Watch

In conjunction with CREST, the Parish Council has agreed to be involved in the Community Speed Watch Scheme.  This scheme allows volunteers, in our case residents, to monitor the speed of vehicles coming through Matlock Bath.  The idea is to educate people to reduce their speed and anyone caught will receive a letter.  Repeat offenders will receive a visit from a Police Officer.

Most of our recruits have received not only their theory training but also on site training.  

However, due to the Government restrictions surrounding Covid 19, we are unable to deploy the CSW team.  As soon as we are able to resume this activity, our teams will be out.

Although the equipment is supplied by Derbyshire Police, Cllr Irene Ratcliffe, our County Councillor, has very kindly offered to donate some funding towards our own equipment.  Councillors have agreed to this.

All volunteers will be supplied with a high viz jacket, monitoring equipment as well as hand sanitizer and wipes for the equipment.

We would welcome any new volunteers so if you are interested in this please contact the Clerk.