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Illuminations Liaison Meeting

The Illuminations Liaison Meeting was held on Monday 26th November to feedback information pertaining to the 2018 Illuminations and a look to the 2019 ones.

Thanks were given to the Boatbuilders Association, Heights of Abraham (for the sponsorship of the fireworks), Matlock Bath Parish Council and everyone involved in the pre-event and during the season.

The event this year ended on a Sunday with a firework display at 8.00 pm.

On line ticket sales continue to grow despite a 50p increase (79% of total sales are on line).

BBC Radio Derby got involved with an additional boat on the water for one night.

Partnership work continued between the Police and Trading Standards to reduce pedlar numbers. The number of pedlars this year was down and only 3 attended on the last night.

Stadium Traffic Management provided stewarding for 2nd year (contracted for a further 2 years). This proved successful.

Police provided excellent support throughout the event.

What Changed in 2018?

A Fire and Glow Show was introduced every Sunday.

Voting for your favourite boat was done by counters in a bucket. 1062 votes received (562 in 2017).

New timings for the boats in October for Saturdays.

Park and ride was replaced with a shuttle bus service from Matlock.

£1 charge for over 5's on the shuttle bus.

Reduction in staffing and hire costs of ticket office. Only 3 window ticket office required instead of the usual 6.

Marketing and advertising was done mainly through social media & Matlock Bath support thus saving costs on expensive magazine advertising.


Total Attendance - 2018 - 58,393 (5587 up on 2017)

2017 - 52,806


5,308 record breaking Sunday to close the season

46,355 tickets sold on line (5,328 up on 2017)


2018 - £213,338 2017 - £173,727

The following affected the income:

*Increase of 50p to online prices.

*Reduced cost to use Ticketsource (paid £6,310 less despite selling 5000+ more tickets.

Bad weather throughout 5 weekends.

Increased income from fair and catering (mainly down to increase in Sunday attendances).

Increased costs towards security, first aid and toilet hire.


DDDC will explore the use of alternative ticketing options, cheaper sponsorship packages with payment plan, increase ticket prices on the night or close the gap to £1 for purchasing on line or October only, ticket only on Saturdays in October, possibly take control of Temple Road Car Park for event parking only. This would mean that although the car park could be used during the day by everyone, it would be closed for the evening's event.

Sponsorship packages will be reduced inviting businesses to donate the amount they want.

They are also looking at investing in new lighting for Derwent Gardens, finishing on a Sunday again - 5.00 pm-8.00 pm, possibly bringing fireworks earlier on a Saturday to 8.30 pm. They will also look at the results from the surveys completed. In 2018 1090 responses were received compared to 718 in 2017.

Although a Working Group was set up for 2018, it did not go to plan. For 2019 4 dates have been set up for the Working Group to meet. The Parish Council has been promised that they will have representation on this Group so any residents who would like us to put forward any suggestions should contact the Clerk.

Alternatively, residents can e-mail the Illuminations Team direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DDDC will publish more detailed figures showing profits in the New Year.

Questions raised can be found on the attachment below.

Next Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 27th November - 7.00 pm

at The New Bath Hotel
All Welcome
Click here to see Agenda

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