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Grit Bins

Grit provided by Derbyshire County Council in grit bins in Matlock Bath is for use on on public pavements, paths and roads only − this grit should not be used on private property.

Many residents are telling us that grit bins are often empty because others are using them on their private land. Grit/salt can be bought cheaply from outlets.

Follow these simple steps set out in the Government's Snow Code:

Start early - clear the snow or ice early in the day and cover the path with salt before nightfall to stop it refreezing overnight.

Use salt or sand - not water. Help prevent black ice by spreading some salt on the area you have cleared. Use ordinary table or dishwasher salt - a tablespoon for each square metre you clear should work. Sand or ash won't stop the path icing over as well as salt, but will provide good grip under foot.

Take care where you throw the snow so it doesn't block people's paths or drains. Make sure you make a path down the middle of the area to be cleared first, so you have a clear surface to walk on. Then shovel the snow from the centre of the path to the sides.

Pay extra attention to clear snow and ice from steps and steep pathways - you might need to use more salt on these areas.

If you spot a grit bin which is damaged or needs refilling, please report it to Derbyshire Dales District Council.

A short video on when, where and how much grit should be used, has been produced by Derbyshire Dales District Council. To see the video log onto their website.

Next Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 27th November - 7.00 pm

at The New Bath Hotel
All Welcome
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